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Mobility plays a vital role in our current society. Traditionally, mobility was in the form of the car and public transport (train, bug, and rail). As society progresses, the unbundling of the car has begun with micro-mobility transportation such as electric bikes (e-bikes). E-bikes are a common sight in Sydney with a general upward trend globally. At Gospringo we fill the demand for electric bikes in Sydney. 

There is a growing concern for preserving the earth and promoting sustainability for both ecological and social reasons. As there is an increased scarcity of natural resources and the environmental concerns associated with the use of. The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming more commonplace. E-bikes are proving to be the most ideal solution for this challenge – due to the ease of movement and the enjoyable nature when riding. 

With the growth of environmental and health concerns, due to carbon emissions – government bodies globally are enforcing policies around reducing carbon emissions. Gospringo e-bikes form part of the solution due to the battery-powered motors.

Research and MarketsMarch 2020

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